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The Auction

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The Auction


Verses to Read: John 3:35-36

Some years ago, I heard a story about an extremely wealthy man who dies. The old man had lived a very private life due to a family tragedy years earlier. His only child, a son, had died from a rare disease before his 10th birthday. When the father passed away, he left behind an incredible art collection that would have made even the finest art gallery take notice. An auction was held for the collection.

On the day of the auction, people came from all over to bid on some of the finest and most expensive artwork in the world—including pieces by Rembrandt, Picasso, and Monet. The auctioneer, who was also the estate attorney, stood to present the first painting. It was a portrait of the rich man’s son on the boy’s 8th birthday which had been painted by a little-known local artist. But when the bidding began, there was silence. The auctioneer began the bidding a second time. Again there was no response until finally, a feeble voice placed a bid. It was the family butler who had once taken care of the boy. Since everyone was waiting for the finer pieces, no one bid against the old butler and he became the new owner of the painting. Suddenly, the attorney shuffled his papers together and said, “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. The auction is now closed.” The people were in an uproar. “What about the rest of the collection?” someone shouted in disbelief. “Sir,” the auctioneer replied, “it says here, ‘He who has the son has it all.’”

The apostle John plainly stated, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. But whoever rejects the Son will not see life…” (John 3:36). Like the crowd that quietly rejected the portrait of the wealthy man’s son, many people today do not realize the consequences of rejecting Christ. They are blind to the truth that apart from Christ, they will be eternally separated from God’s love and presence. Only through Christ can one have peace with God and receive all the benefits of being His dearly loved child. May God use us to open many eyes to see that “he who has the Son has it all.”

  • What is your most priceless possession? What is your teams’ most priceless possession?
  • Have you ever expected to get a prize or gift only to discover it was going to someone else?
  • Do you have the Son? Is Jesus your Lord and Savior?
  • Extra reading: Romans 10; 9-10 and John 3:16