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On the Boat

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On the Boat


Verses to read: 1 Corinthians 2: 6-10

I will never forget standing on the deck of a boat in the Caribbean Sea. As I looked behind us, I discovered we had traveled so far out that I could not see the shoreline or our hotel. My stomach did a little flip-flop and I felt a nervous light-headedness. Then I turned and looked into the distance—and my nervous emotions turned to excitement as I viewed the clear blue water and the diamond-soaked brilliance of the waves. I remember thinking that I did not have to scuba dive to enjoy the beauty of the sea. There was enough beauty on the surface to challenge my senses for a lifetime.

The boat dropped anchor and we all started putting on our diving gear. The knot in the pit of my stomach grew as our instructor informed us of the 3000-foot depths nearby. He instructed us not to fall below 100 feet, but to enjoy the view closer to the surface. I remember thinking that the view was just fine from the boat. But just then my diving buddy flopped off the side of the boat and I knew that I had to follow. I held my mask and fell backwards into the bathtub-warm Caribbean.

I remember my first breath under the water. I saw colors that I have never seen before and life forms that I could never have dreamed. God revealed a side of His creation to me that could only be found by swimming deeper. If I had let fear hold me back, I never would have found the beauty under the sea—a beauty that far surpassed any I could have ever imagined on the boat.

In our life with Christ, we also need to swim deeper. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us the deep things of God. We need to immerse ourselves into God’s Holy Word and experience all of what God has prepared for those who love him. We need to leave the security of our boat. If we allow fear to hold us back, we will miss all that God has to teach us about Himself. And He is much more beautiful than anything we could ever imagine on the boat.

  • How well do you know God?
  • What one new thing have you learned about God in the last week?
  • What characteristic of God do you find most beautiful?
  • Extra Bible reading: John 17: 3 and Psalms 27: 4.