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Not Ashamed

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Not Ashamed


Verse to read: Romans 1:16

When I first became a Christian, I was so excited! I wanted everyone—including my friends and relatives—to know that I was a believer in Jesus Christ and that my sins were forgiven. And I wanted to tell them how they, too, could receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. My excitement was that of a child with a new toy.

A short time later, an old friend from college phoned me. He was coming to town and wanted to spend a few days with my wife and me. Eager to see him again, I told him he was more than welcome. But when our conversation was over, I got nervous. I was not the same person my friend and known in college. He was expecting to see a fraternity man, not a born-again Christian! For the first time in my Christian life, I was afraid to tell someone about my faith. After praying about what to do, I called my friend back to tell him about my new life. Though he didn’t fully understand, he wanted to visit us anyway. I was relieved that I had stood my ground for Christ.

Then I looked at the calendar. On the Saturday of my friend’s visit, I was scheduled to give my testimony to 300 men. Once again, I got nervous but decided to give it to the Lord in prayer. When my friend arrived, I invited him to attend the meeting with me, mentioning that I would be sharing how I became a Christian. He still wanted to come. I held nothing back while giving my testimony that day. And later that evening, my friend prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior!

Sometimes, we get fearful about sharing our faith. Thankfully, God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power. We are not to be ashamed of the Gospel, because it brings salvation to all those who believe. Don’t be afraid to give your testimony or share what Christ has done for you. When you do, God will use you in a great way.

  • Do you remember how you felt when you received Christ as your Savior?
  • Have you ever shared your faith with someone else?
  • Are you afraid to let your staff and players know about your Christianity?
  • Extra Bible reading: Psalm 27:1 and 2 Timothy 1: 7