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Missional Community Church Team (MCCT) Agreement


In an effort to reach EVERY student, EVERY athlete, EVERY coach, and EVERY faculty member on EVERY campus with the Gospel, I agree—with the aid of the Holy Spirit—to:

....Agree to the FCA policies and Statement of Faith.

….Commit to meeting monthly, as a team, to discuss our progress.

….Commit to Fields of Faith, Game Day, Color Run and city-wide D-Now.

….Be a speaker at student gatherings and offer advice when asked by student leaders.

….NOT pressure students into attending my church in lieu of another—no “sheep stealing.”

….Communicate with parents and pastors when a student makes their own decision to begin attending the youth gatherings at my church.

….Refrain from conducting myself as if this group and its purposes were to plant churches or build up youth groups.

….When appropriate—to attend mission trips and camps together with my fellow MCCT members.

….Fill out a Ministry Leader Application (MLA) and to sign a Digital Engagement Agreement.

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