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Missional Community

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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In Luke 10 we see Jesus with a group of 72 appointed disciples. Jesus doesn’t just see the mission of the 72 he sees the mission the 72 would fulfill. Jesus saw beyond the “huddle” of the 72 and told them to “break the huddle” and minister to every town in the district of Galilee!

When Jesus sends out the disciples he tells them to pray to the Lord of the Harvest and to ask Him to send workers for the harvest!

The mission field is growing! The harvest is plentiful! We need your church to answer the prayer and adopt a campus in North Florida. We truly believe that your church is an answer to the prayer for workers in the harvest. Let’s have FCA be one of the tools your congregation uses to bring the Gospel across our region! We are excited about the partnership!

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