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Verse to read: Luke 10:1

Bicycle touring is a favorite hobby of mine. There’s just something satisfying about hitting the open road on a bike. You pack your bags, check your tires, fill your water bottle, and start pedaling. A sense of adventure takes over as you venture through the countryside on two wheels. You visit small towns along the route and work up a good sweat exercising all those muscles. It’s great fun.

As much as I love to hit the road on my 21-speed, leg-powered contraption, there is one thing about biking that is not fun—headwind. Pedaling into a headwind is one of the worst experiences a biker can have. With every rotation of the wheels, the wind pushes you back. Pedaling takes all the energy you can muster and nearly sucks the life out of you. It tires you out and steals the joy of an otherwise pleasant ride. There is a cure for headwind, however, and that is your riding partner. As you allow your buddy to ride ahead of you, he blocks the wind while you follow close behind. As the two of you take turns riding ahead, each rider gets a much-needed rest from battling the wind. This strategy is called drafting, and it definitely makes a wind-pushing ride easier.

The Lord Jesus Christ understood the principle of drafting. When he sent his disciples out to do the work of ministry, he deliberately sent them out two-by-two. He knew that whey would run into problems. Spiritual headwinds awaited them and they would have to learn how to draft for each other. As we walk with Christ, it’s important for us to understand the need for a buddy. We need others around us who know us well and care about the things we face. Sooner or later, the trials will come and we will need a buddy to draft for us. Relationships with godly people are vital to our spiritual heath. Are you building a friendship with someone today?

  1. Describe a time in life when you felt alone.

  2. Who are your riding buddies?

  3. Make plans this week to meet with two or three other riding buddies.

Extra Bible reading: Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 and 1 Samuel 18: 3-4