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Growing In The Gospel

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Here at FCA we care about your spiritual growth.  As athletes and coaches we are constantly pushing the limit in training, diet and striving for that PR run or a victory. We know that our best can't be achieved without training.  As athletes we love to train because we know that training produces results.

Our walk with Christ also demands training.  The same way our physical bodies need training to grow - our spiritual life needs training to grow.  Below we have outlined three resources to launch your spiritual training.  

First, we have launched many studies across campuses, restaurants and homes titled, The Gospel Centered Life.  Click the image below and the study is provided.  Seek a small group to do this study.  It's impactful and when applied - you will grow in your walk with Christ.

Second, we are providing a resource with many Bible studies and videos to aid you in your walk with Christ.  These studies can be done on your own or in a group.  They are short but full of growth-initiating impact.  We recommend a group.  Click the "" image and get started.

Third, you need a home church.  We know that there are many wonderful churches in our area.  This list is not exhaustive but these are the churches that partner with FCA and many of their youth pastors are on campuses representing FCA.

Be excited, knowing that your training produces results!