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Verses to read: Romans 10:9-13

In his book, Les Miserables, Victor Hugo introduced the world to an intriguing character, Cozette. For the first few years of Cozette’s life, she lived with foster parents and was badly treated. She was malnourished and clothed in rags. This little girl was expected to take care of horses, clean the home she lived in, and do numerous other chores.

On one bitter winter night, she was sent out to retrieve water for the horse. She walked nearly a half-a-mile to the well, through the snow, without coat or shoes, lugging two water buckets. The fields she passed through, were often traversed by wolves. But her fear of abuse was greater than her fear of wolves, so Cozette went without complaint.

While carrying the empty buckets, she was able to run to the well—only resting once to catch her breath. As she filled the buckets at the well, the ice-cold water splashed on her bare hands and feet. The filled buckets were almost too heavy for her to lift. She tried to carry them as fast as she could, but had to stop often. Every time she did, the water would splash her bare legs. Overcome by fear and half frozen, Cozette‘s frail body couldn’t stand the weight and cold of her burden. Finally, she fell to her knees in the snow and with her arms raised high cried out, “Oh God, My God!” At just that moment, an enormous but warm hand grabbed the weight of the bucket and her icy cold hand. At that point of desperation, Victor Hugo introduced the hero, Jean Valjean.

Have you found yourself in a situation that seems impossible? Have you cried out to the only One who can answer? Have you ever trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior? All these questions are answered at one place: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:13). Let go of your own efforts and give your situation to God. If you have never asked Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior, call upon Him. He will answer—and He will save.

  1. What burdens are you trying to carry on your own?

  2. What can you do to encourage your coaches and players to help one another?

  3. Have you surrendered everything to Christ?

    Extra Bible reading: Psalm 18:6 and Philippians 4: 6-7