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Connect the Dots

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Connect the Dots


Verse to read: 1 Corinthians 13:12

As a child, I always looked forward to our family vacations. We often rented a 24-foot recreational vehicle. It had a kitchen, bathroom, dining tables and plenty of room for children to stretch out in. I remember how I used to lie on the floor of the RV paging through the coloring books my grandmother would bring. I never liked coloring very much, but I did love solving connect-the-dot puzzles. It was so much fun to guess what the finished picture might look like. Sometimes I guessed right and other times the outcome surprised me.

In life, we often face puzzles and circumstances that remind us of a connect-the-dot picture. Instead of seeing the big picture, all we see is a confused spatter of disconnected dots. We don’t understand how these experiences work together for good or what God may be doing in our hearts. We’re surprised that we could feel so alone during our worst times and wonder, Where are You in this, God?

Through the apostle Paul, God reminds us that in this life, we see only in part. One day, however, our heavenly Father will reveal to us the fullness of His plans. He will walk us through the dots and help us see the big picture. And the outcome may amaze us.

  • Have plans you made turned out different than you thought they might?
  • Do you enjoy the “God surprises” of life?
  • Write a prayer to God seeking His direction.

Extra Bible reading: Jeremiah 29:11